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The workplace is ever changing, becoming more diverse, highly regulated and volatile resulting in complex challenges and risks for employers impacting their operations. As a result, clients need skills to manage risk, assist them with labour disputes, litigation avoidance and defence, and to guide them in devising and implementing effective workplace policies and procedures.

Intellectual Human Capital is a group of 3 Specialists that offer a wide variety of service in the entire Gauteng area and as far as Cape Town.  Our aim is to provide companies with Human Resource Management & Human Resources Support Services allowing them access to contract staff, ultimately giving flexibility to business requirements. We afford companies the opportunity of utilizing our reliable and professional staffing solution removing the hassles of permanent staff.

We continually strive to be one of the most professional outsourcing services with capable, committed and content employees proving a consistent, cost-effective and quality service to all our clients.

We are a leading staff and human resource solutions service provider. The company aims to provide its clients with the highest standard of services by:

  • Maintaining our professional status through the provision of a competent and efficient 24 hour service;
  •     Investing in modern technology to ensure service standards, profitability and skills are consistently improved;
  •     Proving comprehensive skills development and training to promote the growth and development of all our employees so that they may achieve their full potential;
  •     Guaranteeing integrity, trust and reliability at all times





VALUES that are important to us:

These values form the foundation upon which our business has been built, and upon which it continues to grow


  •       Annual medicals on all staff for clients with whom it is negotiated and required in terms of their standards;
  •       Annual uniform re-issues;
  •       On-site management of staff for clients with whom it is negotiated and if required;
  •       We also offer a full range of human resources solutions based on requirements and standards of each client


  •       Registration of SARS: PAYE, SDL & UIF
  •       Submitting Emp201 via SARS Efiling / SARS Offices
  •       Payment of Emp201 to SARS
  •       Registration of Workmen’s Compensation;
  •       Requesting Letters of Good Standing;
  •       Completion of WCA Annual Assessments;
  •       Draft and complete payslips;
  •       Payment of salaries, UIF, PAYE, SDL etc.
  •       Handling of salary queries;
  •       Structuring of salary packages;
  •       Annual Increases and Yearly Bonuses;
  •       IRP 5 Certificates and Electronic Submissions to SARS;



  • We have been involved with the recruitment, selection and placement of various disciplines of staff for a spectrum of industries;
  • We have supplied and have ongoing relationships with many major companies in Gauteng;
  • We have an excellent knowledge and understanding of the various industries to which we supply many varied disciplines of staff;



  •     Maintenance of employee files;
  •     Contracts of employment;
  •     Job Descriptions;


  • Contract & Permanent Placements;
  • Numerous Placements from General Workers, Drivers, Administrative, positions in a variety  of industries;


  • Number of years experience is valid and in line with customer requirements &  specifications;
  • Normally a minimum of 3 years related experience;
  • Correct and valid formal qualifications for the position being sourced on behalf of our clients;
  • No adverse criminal record, this dependent on the client’s standard policy, but if any  adverse records are found, client is notified prior to acceptance of candidate;
  • A minimum of 2 traceable references;


  • Interview assessment;
  • Reference checks;
  • Criminal Records;
  • Previous offences, disciplinary records;
  • Valid Id Documentation;
  • Medical checks dependent on the client’s request.


  •       Basic Conditions of Employment Act
  •       Labour Relations Act
  •       National Bargaining Councils related to the clients business when applicable
  •       Skills developent Act (SDL)
  •       Employment Equity Act
  •       Compensation of Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (COID)
  •     Sectorial Determination


  •       All staff undergo full induction, including the clients standard operation procedures;
  •       Staff issued with a job description enabling them to understand and fulfill their duties to the best of their abilities without any  misunderstandings;


  •       Annual Leave benefits
  •       Sick Leave benefits
  •       Family Leave benefits
  •       Holiday Bonus Pay
  •       Provident Fund  (in accordance with the company belonging to a council)
Our Address4 Meyer street
Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Fri. 8am to 5pm

Experienced Consultants

Our professional HR consultants are experienced in developing enduring client relationships and ensuring total quality. control. We provide the solutions you need on a project-by-project basis. Our projects have ranged from relatively small assignments to a complete and comprehensive Human Resources program. We aim to meet each of our clients’ specific needs by Doing Things in a Different Way to deliver measurable value.

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We can help you reduce the time that you spend managing issues and legal concerns by providing Human and Labour Services.

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